celebrate 10 years with us


We can't believe 10 years has passed us by already. What started as a sole proprietorship in Emeka Nnadi's basement has transformed into an international firm with three office locations and 12 employees across North America.


Over the last decade, we have accomplished so much, including international recognition, groundbreaking projects and resilient and sustainable innovation. The infographic below highlights some of these moments as well as others, like study trips, that have helped shape Nadi Design into the firm it is today. Check it out: 

Nadi Design 10-Year Anniversary Infographic

Sometimes, the best way to reflect back on 10 years in business is to ask the people who helped make that happen. Nadi Design has been fortunate enough to have many long-term employees from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We asked them to look back on their time working for Nadi Design and where they see the firm heading over the next 10 years. Click on their name to read more.


Malin Soh Urban Designer"I’ve watched the practice develop a really positive reputation and attract a diverse range of clients, from mixed-use developers, manufacturing industries, rural municipalities and First Nation communities. Now, we are continuing to develop good relationships and collaborate with other unique companies that share our aspirations."                                                                                                                                            - Malvin Soh


Meaghan Hunter Landscape Architect






Jennifer Blankenship Landscape Architect

"I have only been with Nadi Design since the beginning of this year, but I have felt welcomed as part of the team from the very start. With all of us working remotely, I feel like the team is doing a fantastic job of staying connected and productive while dealing with a difficult time in our history."                                       - Jennifer Blankenship


Uchenna Nnadi Director of Business Development and Client Relations

"While Nadi Design has seen employees come and go, we have established a culture that surpasses timeline and specific individuals. We're about the people, the community, and it shows in the projects we have undertaken and the ways we collaborate with staff, ensuring everyone feels heard and seen."    - Uchenna Nnadi

Sarah Hanatishin Creative Intern


"Nadi Design has a wide variety of projects compared to its competitors. We have designed abstract public art installations, fountains that function as an artistic playground, innovative plazas and streetscapes, and community master plans with an emphasis on livability."                                                                - Sarah Hnatishin


Diana Garcia Urban Planner


"I think being a boutique design firm makes Nadi a great fit for  most of our clients, because we can personally tailor the work for each individual client in whatever way they need. The  communication and relationship with the client are direct, and therefore, more effective."                                                                 - Diana Garcia


Kristen Struthers Landscape Architect






Don Westphal Principal


"I felt the merger between my company, Donald C. Westphal & Associates (DCWA) with Nadi Design would be a great fit. Our modes of operation and firm integrity were similar, assuring the       continuation of the DCWA legacy."                                                                                                                                                                                    - Donald Westphal


Emeka Nnadi Chief Innovation Officer


"Over the next decade, we will continue our focus on the design and development of more robust, more resilient and more sustainable communities in North America and globally." 

- Emeka Nnadi


Rebecca Henderson Marketing Associate


"We aim to be a global firm, and I believe that starts with the people who work for you. We’ve all been fortunate enough to travel, live and visit incredible places around the world—and we bring that experience to our work."                                                                                                                                                                          - Rebecca Henderson 


Joshua Heron Director of Finance






Ben Gaudes Design Intern"My favourite Nadi Design project is Rose Lake Green. Before working here, I would visit this site frequently at night just to watch the colourful lights and water show. The seamless integration of the pump house into the whole site has to be my favourite part."

- Ben Gaudes   



Finally, to commemorate 10 years, first-time clients will receive 15% off their initial design consultation with the Nadi Design team. It's our anniversary gift to you. Connect with one of our staff today to take advantage of this exciting promotion!


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